Monday, July 9, 2012

My Husband Finally Gets to the Science Museum (and the Kids Too)!

I could hardly believe it when  Dan told me he had NEVER been to the Minnesota Science Museum.  Really?? He’s lived here his whole life and somehow never managed to get there for a field trip. My kids hadn’t been there either, and so we decided that it was high time to trek on up to St. Paul. I think Daniel liked it better than anyone.
We are reading Across the Wide Sea by Katherine Kirkpatrick in our Sonlight studies and the Real Pirates exhibit happens to be about a slave ship turned pirate ship. We had just learned about the barbaric and terror-laden plight of the West Africans and now we were learning about another slave ship and getting to view real objects from the sunken ship, the Whydah. Some things that we saw were interesting and others, macabre. No pirate’s life for me!