Sunday, December 30, 2012

Light, Love, and Film: December Grain

This month's theme was all about our holiday festivities. 

We have a winter green house and December is the time to harvest Pac Choi and plant new cold-loving greens. :) We also made lots of cookies and let the dog steal our hats while sledding! :)

I am going to admit that I botched a couple of rolls.  I guess that is what I get for forgetting to push two rolls during processing, haha! :( I did get some of our planting, sledding, and baking so thank you for stopping by to see them. :)

Have fun looking and then stop by and savor the holiday goodness from my film-loving friend, Jo Clark!

 Minnie kept stealing Anni's hat! ...over and over and over...
 Tristan made pretzels all by himself. :)
We had some more escapades in the sledding department... 
We tried, and failed, to make a real gingerbread house. They did enjoy eating it though!

....and we celebrated Yeshua as the Light  and Savior of the world!