Monday, January 28, 2013

Of light, love, and film: January Cold

It was COLD this month. We spent many a night sitting in front of the fireplace with hot cocoa and dandelion coffee. :) 

This month I have images from my Holga, Speed Graphic 4x5, and 35mm. I used Tri-x, Tmax, and Arista films. My time spent developing was a trial in patience, but rewarding for all the lessons I learned. I think I can add a dozen things NOT to do while processing, like eating olives or talking on the phone. I also learned that processing 4x5 film is so much easier than 35mm, except for  the fact that one shot takes 20 minutes to set up. :)

My love affair with scraggly trees marches on as well!

When you are finished perusing my post you can jump over to the lovely Megan Dill's blog and see her vision of this cold, winter month. :)