Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lensbaby Blog Circle: Yellow

I have had the pleasure to join a blog circle with some beautiful, Lensbaby-loving women. I am so excited to share all my love of Lensbaby too! 

My world is, quite literally, freezing as I write this (-7 degrees Fahrenheit). I found that my Asian greens had bolted in my greenhouse. I love that it is 60-80 degrees in there on any given day. :) I used my Lensbaby Sweet 35 and Macro Converters for these shots. They are unprocessed images. I shot with a very cool white balance and and in-camera shift to magenta to get the soft tones you see here. 

Please continue following across the globe and see what the other amazing ladies have discovered this month with their Lensbabies.  First, you can see what my dear friend, Heather, has captured this month.