Thursday, June 20, 2013

Through the Lensbaby: June Zone Plate

This month I wanted to enjoy the Lensbaby Zone Plate Optic. It is a challenge, but I love the dreamy and almost water-like feel that the images have. 

At the end of this post is an image and a poem that I made to go with it. :)

These Hands 

Curled and soft
Clinging to my thumb
Startled fingers open wide
Clumsily clasping my glasses
Gently grasping my hair
Pulling on my skirts
Wound tight around my neck sobs crash around me
Gently rocking your baby dolls
Smearing finger paints 
Delicately blending clay
Faded away
Never forgotten
Sweeping the crayon
…and then the pencil
Mixing, stirring, baking
Delicately tucked under your pillow
Finding me in the dark
…asking for comfort
Growing more independent
…each passing day

These hands
Forever holding my heart

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