Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Letters to Our Daughters Blog Circle: January 2014

Little Shadows

Her small topknot twisted on top of her head
Small, freckled nose wrinkled in a smile
Tea parties
Snuggling with Belle, the chocolate lab
All little shadows burned on your memory
All little shadows burned on mine

Dear Annika,

Thank you for always being the little ray of sunshine in my life. I know that you feel alone, being the only girl, but you always have me.  You are always my friend and I will try to always be the best friend I can be to you too, sweetie. I pray you always keep the fiery spirit and warm heart that make me smile everyday and that your little beam of joy will continue to shine on all around you. I love you! 

I promise to play games whenever you ask and to make time for us to cook together. You are becoming quite the little chef! 



Please continue the circle with my friend, Sarah!