Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Letters to Our Daughters, March: Little Red

My Dearest Annika,

You are always a mirror to my mood. Life has been chaotic, changing, and unpredictable. We shot this image when I was feeling uneasy. I had an idea, and as usual, you felt what I wanted before I said anything. I love how you take directions from my body language and how you are fearless. 

Everyday I am a little worried about how fast you are growing up. I have edited pics of you since you were just a tiny thing and every time I edit a new one, your face looks back at me seems wisdom beyond your years. I want to make it slow down, but I realize that it is I who must slow down. 

Thank you for giving me our photography time together and thank you for reading my heart better than even I can. xxoo



Please continue the circle with my dear friend, Melissa.....