Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Click Away 2014!

I will admit. I did not rock the camera this trip. I was crazy busy and a lot of these are with my phone, but I had THE best time in Salt Lake City this past week! 

These are in no particular order! The days ran together and so did my images, haha! All images are either iPhone or Sony a7s with Lensbaby Edge 80. All are in-camera jpegs too. 

I'm sorry folks. I didn't take any people pics. They would have all been blurry anyway since I was running the whole time, lol! I lost five pounds in three days! 

Packing and Prepping....

Temple Square Chapel (#waterlogue app)

Elizabeth Gilbert and Joy Prouty Keynotes!

Main Street Noodle in Park City hooked me up with a gluten free veggie burger!

Had a great time at the Natural History Museum

I spent a LOT of time here, so I naturally had to capture it many different ways. :) 

Wheeler Farm made me happy by giving me some flowers to love on....

Even the grasshoppers were in love. :)

Good bye, SLC!