Friday, December 12, 2014

Sony Family Walk

So today was one of those days.  The kids were bickering, the weather was dreary,  and even the dog and cats are getting into trouble. What is a mom to do? Well, my first response was to send them outdoors so that I could have a few moments of peace, but a little voice inside me told me that I had better get suited up and join them too. Then I had a great idea! Why not give each child a camera and let them record our walk? Yes! That turned out to be a sure fire way to get everyone to explore a little more and observe life a little closer. My collection of cameras is very lightweight and easy to manage, even for small hands. 

Did I mention they all shot their images in manual? Yep, I was trying to explain Aperture Priority and my middle son was getting confused. There was a plaintive...."MOM! I already know how to shoot in manual AND I know how to focus in manual too, by the way." Um, ok. Manual mode it is! 

First, we have my ten year old girl (Miss A), armed with a Sony a6000 and 35mm 2.8. My son, thirteen years old (Mr. D), manned the helm with a Sony a7r and 55mm 1.8. My other son, fifteen years old (he wanted to be referred to as TJ), was in charge of the dog. He took turns with the a7r. I followed up the rear with my Sony a7s and vintage 'dream lens'. 

I gathered up all the cards and added them to my Lightrom catalog. I processed them all with a few presets, but I really didn't have to adjust the exposure on any of them. I am so proud of my kids! 

This portrait of me was created by TJ. :)

Miss A took all of these. 

Mr. D crawled down into the culvert for this shot. 

Miss A at work:

I captured this one of Miss A.

Miss A and Mr. D

Miss A helped me with these images. I made the one in the middle.  


TJ took a few OOF images because he was feeling creative. :)

....and he was feeling a little goofy!

Let me say that catching a jumping boy with a manual focus lens is a challenge! 

More fine work from TJ

Miss A enjoys weeds as much as I do!

Creativity is enhanced by a bright pink coat and sheep jammie bottoms, ha! 

The dog even participated (sort of)!