Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 15 on 15 (iphone only)

I tried. I really tried. Life was so busy this month that my iphone was my main companion. I love that though. The images may not be perfect, but they are my life. You know what the best thing is? They get PRINTED. I have books made with all of my Instagram photos AND I print my blog yearly. This is the stuff life is made of. :) 

My driveway one chilly morning...
 Cat Attack
Sick Day

Furniture Shopping

Toilet Paper Toy (yes, it is blurry--fast little thing). :D
Making Chai Tea

Art Lessons

Morning Sunshine

Almonds and Dandelion Tea

The Battle Against Acne

Daydreaming at West Elm and Restoration Hardware

Tsuro (fun game!)

The Aquarium

I do exist in pictures!

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