Thursday, August 20, 2015

Vanguard XCENIOR 62T Bag!

My Office On Wheels

I am so excited! I needed a large bag for traveling that would hold ALL of my gear. It is a home base of sorts for all the gear that has been tucked into every nook and cranny in my home. Where did I put that lens cap? Where are all my SD cards? Oh look! Here is my white balance card I tossed on the floor after I took a goes on and on! It was time to get a bag that could do it all.

So, now I am introducing my new XCENIOR 62T bag! This is a very large bag that can double as a normal suitcase. All of the thick padded dividers are removable. My goal is to use it as both a suitcase and camera bag for quick trips that require fewer lenses and bodies,  and then pack it out with all of my gear for longer trips. 

Vanguard is the boss when it comes to tripods, so it is no surprise that they integrated a nifty tripod holder that is neatly tucked away on the lower front of the case: 
 This case is super padded and waterproof.
 The bottom has a scuff resistant protector! I can't tell you how many camera bags I have trashed because the bottom was unprotected. Small details like this mean a lot to me.
 ID Pocket
 Here I added my Vanguard VEO tripod to the handy holder. Slick!
Even the toggles are cool. If you have ever fumbled with zippers in the dark, you will know the benefit of these handy things!
 Built-In Card Holders
 This bag is full of hidden storage pockets. Again, this bag is my office on wheels.
 The laptop compartment is HUGE and well padded.
Here is a view of the case before I stuffed it full of all my Sony goodness:
 The padded EHD bag is pretty amazing too!
 ...and here is ALL of my gear packed away neatly. Amazing! It is also a huge relief to have a place for everything. :)